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Language and intercultural training

You may prefer to make career in China, or you want to communicate better with Chinese business partners or colleagues. To facilitate your stay in China and your communication with Chinese people, we offer a flexible training program that is compiled according to your wishes and needs. You thereby acquire not only linguistic knowledge but also considerable plenty of cross-cultural know-how.

Possible contents:

  • Basic knowledge of Chinese language
  • Linguistic applications in different everyday and professional situations
  • China in general: history, politics, religion, economy and society
  • Moral concept, ways of thinking and behavior patterns of Chinese
  • Worth knowing for dealing with Chinese, etc.

Chinese language

for students

  • Basic structure of the Chinese language
  • Sounding and transcription, the four tones
  • Speech in everyday life
  • Chinese Grammar
  • Chinese Characters
  • Regional studies, cultural and linguistic information

for China Travelers

  • Valuable Travel Tips
  • Basic concepts of the Chinese language
  • Land and People

Chinese calligraphy and ink painting

  • Philosophy and Art
  • Basic techniques
  • Creativity and Design


Education form
Individual or group lessons. Teaching content and processes are negotiated individually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.